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Xenex Forest: A Forest Restoration Initiative



Trees Planted


Hectares Reforested


Tonnes of CO2 Sequestered


We are taking you, our customers with us in our journey by pledging one tree for every qualifying order placed. We are planting trees in the USA, Canada, and Tanzania.


This project works by creating an agroforestry system wherein a diverse range of trees such as timber, avocado, mango, papaya trees are planted with crops such as cotton. While the farmers choose which trees they want to plant, Trees for the Future makes recommendations to maximize food production, restore soils and strengthen communities against desertification.

Soil quality is impoved, increasing crop yield and restoring native ecosystems for biodiversity to thrive!


The forest restoration project will also create local jobs in USA, Canada and Tanzania. By integrating agroforestry farming systems, farmers’ livelihoods are improved as the system enhances agricultural productivity. Each smallholder farmer allocates 1 to 2 acres of land for their ‘forest garden’.  Inside the garden, they plant diverse layers of trees/plants to take advantage of different verticals (short, medium, and tall that protect from sun).

This project employs people from the local community to plant trees, maintain the trees, and monitor the health of the trees, providing much-needed income and employment opportunities for people in the area.

 We are proud to be taking this proactive step to our conservation journey, and we are happy to take you with us.