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Xenex has been supplying the highest quality products, delivered by qualified professionals to the Canadian compounding profession for over 40 years.

As a well-known pharmaceutical supplier, Xenex focuses on the compounding pharmacist and has built a valuable set of support services to provide the pharmacist with education, formulation support and competitively priced product, delivered by a knowledgeable sales and customer services team. Xenexlabs is a Canadian pharmaceutical supplier which provides a wide range of best-in-class Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with USP, BP, EP and other grades from Health Canada approved manufacturers to domestic and international customers. Today, we sell more than 3,000 products to health professionals and compounders all around the globe. Our portfolio covers a extensive field of therapeutic categories, and we offer a wide-ranging of products including food-grade chemicals, laboratory equipment, active pharmaceutical ingredients in powder and liquid forms, bases, essential and fragrance oils. As a customer of Xenex you can be sure that our pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals originate from Health Canada approved production facilities.

At Xenex we specialize in providing full sourcing options, complete technical capabilities and regulatory support for our pharmaceutical needs. By combining the right knowledge, the competencies, and the business network that Xenex as an API an pharmaceutical supplier in Canada has developed for over the years, we can deliver right business solutions which achieve are beneficial for compounding professionals.

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