Hi, I'm Xenia

I am an AI-powered chatbot created by Xenex Labs, and it would be my pleasure to be your compounding assistant today.


Ask me compounding questions


I learned from highly respected resources

These resources act as a strong foundation for my knowledge base, in areas such as pharmaceutical calculations, pharmaceutical compounding and dispensing, and drug delivery systems.

Some prompting tips

For a more accurate response, provide as much context as possible such as:

  • The specific medication or drug involved.
  • Be general when it comes to dosages (e.g. Diclofenac rather than 5% Diclofenac).
  • The purpose of the compounding (e.g., to address a specific patient need, to alter the dosage, or to change the formulation).
  • Any relevant patient information, such as age, medical conditions, or allergies, that may impact the compounding process or choice of ingredients.
  • Any specific concerns or challenges you are facing in the compounding process.
  1. Ask me as if you were talking to another person. Be specific and provide context. 
  2. Focus on one topic per question. To ensure a clear and concise response, ask about one aspect of pharmaceutical compounding at a time.
  3. Ask specific questions related to pharmaceutical compounding, dosage forms, or drug delivery systems.
  4. Ask open-ended questions: ask questions that encourage a more detailed response, such as "How can I...?" or "What is the best method for...?"