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Article: New on our shelves: XenCare Bases

What's New?

New on our shelves: XenCare Bases


Xenex Labs now offers a growing list of bases in many different forms that will effectively provide leading edge solutions to your compounding needs. To make the best compound possible, we formulate the bases to serve as optimal and stable vehicles to deliver the active ingredients with the customer’s unique needs in mind. 

We are happy to feature a new line of products in our portfolio, XenCare Bases. We take pride in developing innovative products and taking them to the highest quality standards as we pride ourselves as industry leaders in that aspect. XenCare boasts these pioneer products that come in various pack sizes as we look forward to adding more down the road:

 XenCare XeneFix 30

XenCare XeneFix 30 Gel 

XeneFix 30 Gel is a thickening and emulsifying agent in liquid form that can be used to emulsify all types of oil phases without heating, producing gel-creams with a rich, silky texture that is easy to apply and rapidly absorbed by the skin.

XenCare HRT Cream

XenCare HRT Cream Base

Our HRT Cream is a cosmetically elegant cream formulated to provide a stable, effective vehicle for hormone restoration active ingredients. Formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic with natural antioxidants and lipids for soothing and protective effects on the skin.

XenCare XeneFix 600

XenCare Xenefix Derm 600 Gel

XeneFix Derm 600 is the latest in derma pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology offering thickening, stabilizing and emulsifying options for any dermatologic preparation, therefore it makes a great tool for rescuing problem emulsions. It also offers great skin tolerance in gels, gel-creams and emulsions providing a light, non-tacky touch. 

XenCare Troche SF Non-bitter Base

XenCare Troche SF Non-Bitter Base

Troche Base Sugar Free is an easy to use, convenient alternative to time-consuming traditional troche preparations. It includes Bitter-Bloc™, a natural bitter blocking technology that will help improve customer experience.

XenCare Anhydrous Cream

XenCare Anhydrous Cream Base

Anhydrous Cream is a pharmaceutically elegant, nonaqueous topical base with a dry silky skin feel upon application. Anhydrous Cream has an improved feel to traditional anhydrous bases and meets USP <795> requirements for 180 days beyond use dating (BUD).


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