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TD Ultramax Gel is a new generation of PLO gels with higher capacity to incorporate APIs. Transdermal delivery of APIs is effectively used for both acute and chronic therapy over the las decade. Therefore we designed a vehicle that meet the demand of varying percentages of APIs, and also pharmacists demand for time- efficient and uniform compounding. This base accommodates higher percentage of APIs beyond the range of basic PLO gels.

Transderma PLO (Pluronic Lecithin Organogel) Ultramax gel answers the need for ready-to-use vehicles to incorporate higher percentages of active drugs, without disturbing the elegant nature or the efficacy of the gel.

PLO Ultramax Gel Highlighted Benefits

  • Ready-to-Use – Reduce compounding time
  • Capable of incorporating higher concentration of APIs than traditional PLO gel
  • Contains Natural Emulsifier
  • Paraben free


  • Pain management
  • HRT

API Compatibility Chart

Transderma PLO Gel Ultramax Base 500g is a topical gel used for the delivery of medications through the skin. It is commonly used in compounding pharmacies to create customized medications for patients. The gel base is designed to enhance the absorption of active ingredients and provide a long-lasting effect. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including pain management, hormone replacement therapy, and dermatological conditions. The gel is easy to apply and can be used on various parts of the body.