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Article: In-Person Compounding Courses Now Available for 2022

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In-Person Compounding Courses Now Available for 2022

 Xenex Labs is once again offering in-person compounding courses for 2022. Get hands-on lab training, be equipped with fundamental and advanced compounding knowledge, update and gain confidence with your compounding skills through these course offerings.

The courses will be held at the Xenex Labs Head Office:
102-2440 Canoe Ave., Coquitlam, BC V3K 6C2, Canada


This accredited 15-hour course (15 CEUs) provides two days of combined lectures and hands-on laboratory training. The overall goal of the course is to provide the pharmacist and technician with a review of the skills they will need to master in order to prepare a variety of medications their patients may need over their careers. The lectures combined with the hands-on portion is to provide the participant with a theoretical and practical basis on which to build a successful nonsterile compounding practice which complies with current requirements for good compounding practice.

The instruction focuses on the proper preparation of fundamental dosage forms utilized by pharmacies which are successfully compounding medications for their patients. The program is structured to demonstrate skills that can be immediately implemented by participants with minimal or no experience, as well as those wishing to update their compounding skills.

  • Perform proper garbing with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE),understand lab safety, and applicable environmental controls required to protect compounders
  • Perform basic pharmaceutical calculations required to accurately compound various nonsteriledosage forms. Know the importance of the Triad of Care essential to the proper delivery of extemporaneously compounded medications
  • Accurately and effectively use the various pieces of equipment available to compoundingpractices
  • Properly complete a Compounding Record for each formulation
  • Identify relevant regulations and standards of practice in the compounding industry
  • Dispense compounded medication accurately and efficiently by choosing and properly usingavailable molds and dispensing devices
  • Identify and use drugs and compounding specific references required for documentation ofthe Master Formulation Record
  • Demonstrate their ability to compound each of the following dosage forms using appropriatetechniques:
    • Solutions & Suspensions
    • Creams, Ointments, Gels, & Lotions
    • Suppositories & Troches
    • Capsules and other Novel Dosage Forms

  • $ 2,300.00 CAD
  • Limited seats available (10)
  • Nov 11 & 12, 2022
  • 15-hour course
  • 15 CEUs awarded upon completion

 The Advanced Pharmaceutical Compounding course is an accredited 15 hour (15 CEUs) practicebased course designed for pharmacists, technicians, marketers, and students who want to learn more advanced compounding skills and techniques for the community patient. Both non-sterile and sterile dosage forms will be covered however emphasis will be placed on non-sterile dosage forms. Physicians and other healthcare professionals are welcome to attend. This course is a combination of didactic lectures for content and laboratory activities to enhance an already established skill of compounding.

We will cover topics and create products unique to community extemporaneous compounding pharmacy practice. The goal of this course is to expand on the participants’ current knowledge of community extemporaneous compounding pharmacy and to discover and create innovative ways to treat patients in the community using advanced extemporaneous compounding pharmacy skills and techniques. Participants choosing this course should have a solid understanding of fundamental compounding techniques and skills. Topics covered will include: flavoring chemistry, pediatric dosage forms and formulations, Rapid Disintegrating Tablets and tablet triturates, palliative care and hospice compounding opportunities, dosage forms for dentistry/oral mucosa, and advanced technology available for the community compounder. An emphasis will be placed on quality assurance/quality control as well as product analysis.

  • Recall basic pharmaceutical calculations from required compounding courses to be used inpreparation of advanced pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Identify advanced pharmaceutical compounding techniques to extemporaneouslycompound prescriptions, utilizing supplied materials.
  • Discuss theory of and experiment with flavoring chemistry related to non-sterile oral products
  • Review pediatric dosage forms and formulations related to community compoundedproducts
  • Instruct on how to formulate and compound Rapid Disintegrating Tablets and tablettriturates
  • Show palliative care and hospice compounding opportunities to grow your business
  • Define non-sterile compounded oral cavity disease states and dosage forms
  • Discuss manipulation of advanced technology available for the community compounder.
  • Demonstrate appropriate documentation of compounding procedures and practices
  • performed according to best practice guidelines, utilizing supplied materials.
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities associated with unique routes of administrationand unique dosage forms.
  • Assess extemporaneously compounded products for quality control according to bestpractice guidelines.


  • $ 2,300.00 CAD
  • Limited seats available (10)
  • Nov 13 & 14, 2022
  • 15-hour course
  • 15 CEUs awarded upon completion


**Discount applies to retail price, is valid for 1 pharmacy account per seat booked, and on all API orders placed on our website from November 11, 2022 to May 11, 2023. API's include Controlled Substances. The Google Pixel Buds will be given in person in class.

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