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Article: New innovations from gako now available at Xenex Labs

What's New?

New innovations from gako now available at Xenex Labs

Gako at Xenex Labs

"Revolutionize your pharmaceutical compounding environment"


Revolutionizing the pharmaceutical compounding environment for customized formulations has been the main focus of gako. Its aim has been to facilitate the preparation of many pharmac​eutical, cosmetic, veterinary, and various other formulations, in a fraction of time and cost associated with conventional methods.

New innovations from gako now available at Xenex Labs. InvoMatic, WetMill, Ion-e.


SKU Description Price Link
ZZ550 GAKO ION-E $995.00
ZZ551 GAKO INVOMATIC $6,850.00
ZZ549 GAKO WETMILL $13,500.00


gako InvoMatic at Xenex Labs

"Improve your pharmacy efficiency!"

The Gako InvoMatic is an automated mixing system developed to produce highly homogeneous mixtures at controlled time and speed. It works in a 3-axis movement, combining the principles of the oloid and inversion mixing, creating a unique 3D-movement cycle, that allows a complete diffusive mix. The Gako InvoMatic is also equipped with a digital system that allows you to choose a mixing cycle according to your needs, creating multiple combinations to fit the formulation characteristics, achieving easy and efficient reproducibility.


This device is suitable for the mixing of powders of different granulometry and physical properties and is also suitable for the mixture of liquids and homeopathic formulations. Being compatible with different models of vessels, and with customizable mixing cycles, liquids of different viscosity can be mixed in the device, in a closed environment, with no risk of cross-contamination.



gako WetMill at Xenex Labs

The gako WetMill is an automated compounding device, developed to provide a safe and validated alternative to the dry-grinding process to compound extemporaneous oral liquid preparations, through the use of an innovative wet milling process. In addition, the device offers a complete solution for compounding HDs through a completely enclosed and cross-contamination-free system, converting tablets or whole capsules into homogeneous oral liquid formulations, ideal for patients with special needs.


The Industry Inside a Bottle

In the pharmaceutical industry, the colloid mill has been widely used to reduce the particle size of solids or liquids, to produce homogeneous suspensions or emulsions. It works on the rotor-stator principle: a rotor turns at high speed and a high level of hydraulic shear is applied, disrupting and breaking down the structure and promoting the dispersion of particles in the liquid. Even though they are highly effective, colloid mills are large, heavy, and expensive machinery, only suitable for one preparation at a time. They are ideal for large industrial processes, but less suitable for small compounding pharmacies. It is for this reason that the gako WetMill was created.



gako Ion-e


The Gako ION-e is a benchtop ionizer, compact and especially developed to meet the daily needs of the compounding pharmacy. Its modern design allows for quick

and easy mobility, standing on the benchtop or attached to an extensor arm, enabling the pharmacist to place it close to the operation being performed. Either to weigh, mix or encapsulate powders, the gako ION-e can eliminate electrostatic charges in the working area, preventing operational and quality issues.


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