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This cosmetically elegant liposomal cream base is an alternative to traditional PLO gel for the transdermal delivery of lipophilic APIs. It is an absolute answer to the challenges in transdermal delivery of lipophilic APIs such as Diclofenac, Progesterone and Testosterone. This white, robust cream base can accommodate ever-increasing percentages of APIs beyond the range of PLO Ultramax Gel and Trans Pen Cream.

This liposomal delivery system is designed to improve dermal penetration of a variety of lipophilic APIs being used in pain management and HRT compounding.

TD Lipo Highlighted Benefit

  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Non-greasy cream base
  • Enhanced dermal penetration of lipophilic APIs
  • Easy to incorporate APIs
  • Can incorporate higher percentage of APIs than traditional PLO Gel


  • Pain management
  • HRT

API Compatibility Chart

Transderma TD Lipo Base is a versatile and high-quality cosmetic base used in the formulation of various skincare products. It is a non-ionic, oil-in-water emulsifier that can be used to create a wide range of emulsions, including lotions, creams, and gels. This product is ideal for use in the formulation of anti-aging, moisturizing, and nourishing skincare products. It is also suitable for use in the formulation of sunscreens, hair care products, and makeup. Transderma TD Lipo Base is a reliable and effective ingredient that can help to enhance the performance and efficacy of cosmetic formulations.