Formulate CBD topicals that stand out.

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Transform your CBD topical pain management formulations. Promote deeper skin permeation. Maximize the benefits of your active ingredients.


Unparalleled Efficacy

Cannabase™ is a lipid-based transdermal delivery system meticulously crafted to enhance the effectiveness of lipophilic phytoceuticals. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the transdermal delivery of Cannabinoid molecules and other lipophilic compounds, allowing for a highly effective permeation and retention of the cannabinoid ingredients into the body through the skin, leaving the user a fast-acting, long-lasting deep relief.


Cannabase is expertly developed for rapid-acting and long-lasting  transdermal delivery of Phytocannabinoids. With Cannabase, you can formulate CBD Creams that stand out in the market.


Penetration study of TD Canabase vs other transdermal bases

Cannabase™ demonstrates a penetration capacity that is 2x more effective than the standard transdermal cream bases and 3x more effective than your typical Pluronic Lecithin Gel in delivering active ingredient within the initial 4-hour period of the lab test.

Cannabase™ is especially formulated to deliver phytocannabnoids like CBD faster and deeper in to the skin.