In-person Compounding Courses for 2023

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 Xenex Labs is once again offering in-person compounding courses for 2023. Get hands-on lab training, be equipped with fundamental and advanced compounding knowledge, update and gain confidence with your compounding skills through these course offerings.

The courses will be held at the Xenex Labs Head Office:
102-2440 Canoe Ave., Coquitlam, BC V3K 6C2, Canada


This accredited 16-hour course (15 CEUs) provides two days of combined lectures and hands-onlaboratory training. The overall goal of the course is to provide the pharmacist and technicianwith a review of the skills they will need to master in order to prepare a variety of medicationstheir patients may need over their careers. The lectures combined with the hands-on portion is toprovide the participant with a theoretical and practical basis on which to build a successful non-sterile compounding practice which complies with current requirements for good compoundingpractice.

This course provides didactic and hands-on experience with fundamental aspects of nonsterilecompounding. Participants will learn through lecture, discussion, practice activities, and hands-on training in a fully equipped nonsterile compounding lab.

  • Introduction to Compounding
  • Lab Safety, PPE & Compounding Techniques
  • Capsules / Powders
  • Quality Compounding
  • Liquids Suspensions / Liquid Dosage Forms
  • Semisolid Dosage Forms
  • Topical Dosage Forms
  • Live Demonstrations on EMP, Ointment Mill, Dispensing Device

  • $ 2,450.00 CAD
  • Limited seats available (10)
  • September 22-23, 2023
  • 16-hour course
  • 15 CEUs awarded upon completion

The Dermatological Compounding with Pain Management course is an accredited 16 hour (15 CEUs) practice-based course designed for pharmacists, technicians, marketers, and students whowant to learn more about a growing segment for compounding. Physicians and other healthcareprofessionals are welcome to attend. This course is a combination of didactic lectures for contentand laboratory activities to enhance an already established skill of compounding. Participantschoosing this course should have a solid understanding of fundamental compoundingtechniques and calculations. Topics covered include: compounded topical pain treatments forboth acute and chronic conditions, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, acne rosacea,cutaneous infections (impetigo, cellulitis, candidiasis, warts), hyper-pigmentation, scars, andstretch marks. Compounding with Hazardous Products will also be covered in relation todermatological products which use hazardous components.

  • Discuss the etiology & clinical presentation of various skin disorders and infections, including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne
  • Compare and contrast non-pharmacologic treatment modalities, including compounded options, for various skin and infections
  • Recommend an appropriate treatment plan for a patient including the counseling points the pharmacist should provide for each compounded product
  • Explain how the sky ages and discuss dermatological agents used in an effort combat aging
  • Formulate compounded products for various skin disorders and infections
  • Define pain causes and topical pain treatments
  • Compare data to support or negate compounded topical pain treatments for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Demonstrate skill in the preparation of compounded products for various skin disorders and infections
  • Explain regulations regarding compounding, claims and product safety


  • $ 2,450.00 CAD  $ 2,150.00 CAD
  • Limited seats available (10)
  • September 24-25, 2023
  • 16-hour course
  • 15 CEUs awarded upon completion
  • $ 300 Xenex Labs Credit awarded upon completion, redeemable on your next purchase of APIs

Participants will need to access the course material online, please bring a laptop or a tablet to class. 

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