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Article: Get up to 45% OFF Ketoprofen, and MORE!


Get up to 45% OFF Ketoprofen, and MORE!

Get up to 45% OFF Ketoprofen, and more! - February Monthly Specials
Enjoy the Massive Savings on all orders placed online and through our Sales Representatives from February 7th to 11th Only while allocated quantities last. 

SKU Product Exp. Date Before Now $$ Savings Link Offer
KE110 KETOPROFEN MICRONIZED POWDER USP 25G API 5/30/2026 $28.33 $17.00 $11.33 45% OFF
KE111 KETOPROFEN MICRONIZED POWDER USP 100G API 5/30/2026 $67.80 $37.00 $30.80
KE112 KETOPROFEN MICRONIZED POWDER USP 500G API 5/30/2026 $256.73 $150.00 $106.73
KE113 KETOPROFEN MICRONIZED POWDER USP 1KG API 5/30/2026 $441.87 $265.00 $176.87 SOLD OUT
KE117 KETOPROFEN MICRONIZED POWDER USP 2KG API 5/30/2026 $802.37 $485.00 $317.37 SOLD OUT
DE1131 DEXAMETHASONE SODIUM PHOSPHATE POWDER USP 5G API 6/18/2023 $86.00 $43.00 $43.00 50% OFF
DE1132 DEXAMETHASONE SODIUM PHOSPHATE POWDER USP 25G API 6/18/2023 $355.00 $176.00 $179.00
ER100 ERYTHROMYCIN CRYSTALLINE POWDER USP 5G API 12/2/2022 $9.50 $5.00 $4.50 47% OFF
ER101 ERYTHROMYCIN CRYSTALLINE POWDER USP 25G API 12/2/2022 $16.24 $11.00 $5.24
ER102 ERYTHROMYCIN CRYSTALLINE POWDER USP 100G API 12/2/2022 $55.00 $35.00 $20.00
TR229 TRANSDERMA TRANS-PEN CREAM BASE 500G 1/30/2023 $54.00 $32.00 $22.00 40% OFF
TR200 TRANSDERMA PLO GEL PREMIX BASE 100G 5/30/2024 $14.00 $8.35 $5.65 40% OFF
TR201 TRANSDERMA PLO GEL PREMIX BASE 500G 5/30/2023 $59.50 $40.00 $19.50

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