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Article: An exciting new Troche Base to use in your troches and lozenges!

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An exciting new Troche Base to use in your troches and lozenges!

Xenex Labs Troche Base - Non-bitter, Sugar-free


Made with only 5 ingredients, the XenCare Troche Base is a sugar-free, non-bitter base that will ultimately provide a better experience for the patient. Its simplicity makes it very easy to work with as it is fully miscible with water, and melts at 43C (109.4F). And because it already has a natural sweetener, your formula will not require additional sweetening ingredients.



  • Polyethylene Glycol as the main base ingredient
  • Anti-caking adsorbant makes your ingredients incorporate easily.
  • Bitter-bloc™ masks unpleasant flavors that come from certain APIs
  • Xanthan gum  a natural ingredient that binds the ingredients elegantly.
  • Stevia leaf extract naturally sweetens the base to provide a better experience for the patient.


Sample use formula

Makes 30 Troches
Sildenafil Citrate
Flavor (liquid)
XenCare Troche Base

1. Calculate the required quantity for each ingredient for the total amount to be prepared. Prepare and weigh ingredients as calculated.
2. Spray the mold with non-stick vegetable spray and allow excess to drain from the cavities.
3. Melt the Troche Base at 42°-46°C until completely melded. Do not overhead with high temperatures.
4. Triturate the powders together until uniform.
5. Remove the melted Troche Base from heat and add powders (use of a tea strainer/sieve is
recommended) and Flavor while stirring to prevent clumping.
6. Pour the mixture into the mold, slightly overfilling each cavity.
7. Allow to sit at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes.
8. Package and label.
9. Refrigerate.
Beyond use is 180 days
Allow medication to dissolve in cheek area, for oral use only, dissolve under the tongue, keep out of reach of children, protect from light, store in a tightly closed container, refrigerate.
Store in the refrigerator.


 Disclaimer: Xenex Laboratories Inc. has provided the formula and instructions above as a model for educational purposes only on the basis of recognized compendia and texts or references. Xenex Laboratories Inc. takes no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of this information or for its safety or effectiveness, nor for any use thereof, which is at the sole risk of the licensed pharmacist. Adjustments may be needed to meet specific patient needs and in accordance with a licensed prescriber’s prescription. The pharmacist must employ appropriate tests to determine the stability of this suggested formula. Xenex Laboratories Inc., its owners, officers, agents, contractors, affiliates and employees cannot be held liable to any person or entity concerning claims, loss or damage caused by, or alleged to be caused by, directly or indirectly, the use or misuse of the information contained in this suggested formula. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the licensed pharmacist to know the law, to compound any finished product and to dispense these products in accordance with Health Canada and FDA guidelines and appropriate Provincial Drug Schedules and Provincial or Territorial Pharmacy Practice Standards. 


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