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Safety Data Sheet

Fiche de Données de Sécurité

Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is a compound with formula Na2H4B4O9•nH2O or, more precisely, [Na•(H2O)+m]2 [B4O5(OH)2−4].The formula is often improperly written as Na2B4O7•(n+2)H2O, reflecting an older incorrect understanding of the anion's molecular structure. The name may refer to any of a number of closely related boron-containing mineral or chemical compounds that differ in their water of crystallization content. Borax Granular Powder Technical is a versatile compound used in various industries, including agriculture, cosmetics, and cleaning products. It is commonly used as a cleaning agent, insecticide, and flame retardant. In agriculture, it is used as a fertilizer and to control pests. In cosmetics, it is used as a preservative and emulsifier. Its unique properties make it an essential ingredient in many products, and its granular form makes it easy to handle and use.