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Safety Data Sheet

Fiche de Données de Sécurité

Chloroform, or trichloromethane, is an organic compound with formula CHCl3. It is a colorless, sweet-smelling, dense liquid that is produced on a large scale as a precursor to PTFE. It is also a precursor to various refrigerants. Chloroform Liquid ACS is a colorless, heavy, sweet-smelling liquid that is commonly used as a solvent, anesthetic, and in the production of pharmaceuticals and pesticides. It is also used in the laboratory for DNA extraction and as a reagent in organic synthesis. Its high volatility and low boiling point make it useful in a variety of applications, including as a refrigerant and in the production of rubber and plastics. However, due to its potential health hazards, including carcinogenicity and toxicity to the liver and kidneys, its use is strictly regulated.